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Server successfully started with some problems witch altready solved. Server was ONLINE. We are sorry for innovience. Have fun !
Posted on 18 August 2017 by Administrator

Im proud to tell you that our server is almost finished and prepared for start! As you see we started beta mode for testing. One day before live server start we will add all missing updates and fixes. Live grand start coming from 18 August 2017.

Live server will start as planned on - 18 August 2017, 20:00 +2 GMT
Discussion forum page was opened and working.
Posted on 09 August 2017 by Administrator

OPEN BETA FROM - 09/08/2017
Beta test server start will be as we planned 09 August 2017, 19:00 +2 GMT. Tell your friends, share our website to have much more fun than ever! We were working all this time only for you. Luxury - Long term gameplay, many inovations, easy farm, protected and balanced gamestyle for every of you! We will give to you that feelings witch others servers cant suggest.
Posted on 30 July 2017 by Administrator

OMG X9999
First of all im glad to present a brand new Omg interlude pvp server. We improved many features witch dont have many others servers its easy farming, perfect balance in pvp and olympiad. Im sure that everyone who will join will like this server and stay to play for a long time.

• Free S grade items from start.
• Fixed all known buggs.
• Protected, stable gameplay.
• Customs without disbalance.
• Retail mobs stats and spawns.
• Tested and trusted server files.
Posted on 24 July 2017 by Administrator

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