Seconds Interlude PVP - New project created by professionals.

Dear players,
We want to announce that after 4 months of intensive playing we dedicated make wipe ! It means that for everyone game starts from zero ! Invite your friends, clans and be ready for war !

Also we improved some updates witch you will see on new season ! We are waiting for you ! Thanks for your trust.

GRAND START FROM - 2017 NOVEMBER 30, 20:00 +2 GMT !

Why you should choose to play here ?
*Retail mobs and spawns !
*Retail farming zones !
*No class disbalance !
*Castle sieges every day !
*Easy farming and alot of pvp !
*Trusted and tested olympiad games !
*Good economy system !
*4+ months no wipes !
Posted on 19 November 2017 by Administrator